[4 in 1] EasyAcc_ Portable Mobile 150Mpbs 3G Router Wi-Fi Repeater

[4 in 1] EasyAcc_ Portable Mobile 150Mpbs 3G Router Wi-Fi Repeater Wireless Access Point 5200mAh External Battery Pack - Converts 3G into Wi-Fi, White

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[4 in 1] EasyAcc_ Portable Mobile 150Mpbs 3G Router Wi-Fi Repeater Wireless Access Point 5200mAh External Battery Pack - Converts 3G into Wi-Fi, White

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A Must-Have When Traveling or Going Out

- With WG300s built-in 3G modem, you only need to insert a micro SIM card that has already been activated to convert a 3G network into Wi-Fi. Create your own Wi-Fi hotspot effortlessly no matter where you are, and access the internet with ease using Wi-Fi, whether you are in a hotel, outdoors, or on a train.

- Up to 20 devices can go online via WG300 at the same time without experiencing lag or other speed issues. Share your internet with friends and family without worry.

- WG300 supports HSPA+, which lets you reach download speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps and upload speeds of up to to 5.76 Mbps.


WG300 isnt just a device that converts 3G into Wi-Fi. It can also be used as a wireless repeater, a wireless access point, and a wireless router. With it, you can access your broadband anywhere in your house or apartment, and this is just one example of the convenience WG300 offers.

Keeps Your Devices Running

WG300s built-in battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh, which means that you can use it to charge your smartphones and tablets if they are running low on power. Never worry about running out of power while you are on the go again.

Technical Specifications
Model: WG300
Input: 5V 1A
Output: 5V 1-2A
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Battery capacity: 5200 mAh / 19.24 Wh
Size: 100x68x23 mm / 6.94x2.68x0.91 in
Weight: 160 g / 5.64 oz

Package Contents
1 x EasyAcc_ 3G Router WG300
1 x Micro USB to USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Dimension 68 x 23 x 100 mm
Weight 0.16 kg
Mister Papa 02/10/2016

Well made but check the thickness of your devices

Well made but not thick enough if you use cases with your devices. It's a pity as I really wanted this to work

MobileTechTalk 02/09/2016

Sturdy & Useful!

Great piece of kit. Nothing fancy about it, but a sturdy and compact addition to those who crowd their desk with technology!

Beano 02/06/2016

Just what i needed to get the electronic devices organised.

This is a genius product. It hold both our ipads and kindles and also our phones. It is small in size but the depth of each groove allows the items to balance. Simply perfect little organiser.

Amazon Customer 01/26/2016

Very good product, and classy too

Is the second one I bought, the first one end up in the hall, for our correspondences and notes books. This one is for the ipad and phones. Very good product, and classy too.

Dias's 01/23/2016

Great Product

Thank you

maggie 01/15/2016

Well built, looks good, easy to use, well thought out Organising Station for charging portable electronics.

I'm very pleased with the quality and build of this Organisation bank for keeping tablets, e-readers, phones, iPods etc all in one place for easy access while charging.

It's constructed of wood, covered with very good quality faux leather, and very well stitched with contrasting thread. It looks very substantial, very smart, but without being awkward, heavy or cumbersome. The 'footprint' is small, ideal for keeping all charging gadgets neat and tidy - it's approximately 12" long x 6" deep, the lower drawer is about 1" high, easily large enough for your USB ports and plenty of cable storage.

The upper 'deck' will hold several phones, iPods, and larger tablets safe and secure, due to the strong build of the station, keeping your desktop tidy, uncluttered. Space is provided for pens, snips and other 'office essentials.'

The spaces are wide enough to accommodate electronics without having to remove their covers.
The upper deck and the base are held together with an effective magnetised strip, so quite easy to separate to access the lower compartment, but strong enough to keep everything held together firmly.

The base drawer has 'cut outs' for cables, and for discreetly attaching to the electronics to be charged. Simplicity itself.
You supply your own USB ports and cables, so you know exactly what gear you need for your gadgets.

Jane 12/26/2015

Four Stars

Not a solid hard core protector, but does what it says :-)

SHS 12/06/2015

Perfect for holding 4 devices

Perfect for holding 4 devices! I'm using it for my iPad Air 2, Nexus 7, Nexus 6P and Linx 8"

Mike 11/14/2015

Helps keeps things nice and tidy.

Bought this to put on my desk at work to store various mobile devices used for testing. It does a good job but thicker devices such as a Nokia 530 are a tight fit. However, pair this with a multi-usb charger and some short cables and it does keep things nice and tidy.

hani 10/24/2015

Five Stars

Good portable 3g router

Phil 10/19/2015


SIMPLE - It works. Very happy. Does the job I need very well.

Living888 10/09/2015

A must have practical and excellent item for the house

I was given this product to test.

I've been using it everyday and it's extremely useful.
1. It's a perfect stand for when you are using your iPad for recipes. It remains upright without falling.
2. The kids use it and it means they don't have to have the iPad so close to them
3. You can put more than one appliance on the stand.
4. I use it when I am face timing. It's the perfect angle for speaking to someone.
It isn't something to take out of the house but definitely useful.
I would recommend it.

EllLee 09/16/2015

Useful Item - Cheap Price

This item is ideal for people wanting to store their electronic items and devices securely in one place.

The only thing that is included is the device holder. The holder is made from matte plastic with rubber grips inside the device slots.

There are 4 cutouts which can all be used for storing devices. The rubber inside helps to protect the devices from scratches and also grips them into the holder.

The bottom of the device also has rubber feet which stop it from sliding around when placed on surfaces.

The slots are quite wide and can hold tablets, phones or mostly any other devices.

This holder is also ideal as you can line all of your devices up and charge them all up at once using an external USB Power source.

Overall due to the brilliant quality and cheap price of this device stand it makes it a great and worthwhile purchase for anyone!

N.Douthwaite 09/14/2015

Great little management station, but it needs to be more distinguishable in terms of description to charging docks.

Let’s be clear about one thing first, the EasyAcc Four-Slot Charger Stand is not a charging stand. It is merely a stand that can hold four products making it easier, and quite frankly a lot less messy to charge multiple devices at the same time; something I think EasyAcc should make clear on its packaging.

That being said, it is quite a nifty device. My devices (Vinsic power bank, Nexus 7 2014, Kindle Paper White and iPod Touch 6th Gen) are usually just piled up in one corner of my desk, and I don’t mind that too much but the stand supplied to me does add something of an aesthetic please to my desk. I can easily just reach over and take the individual devices I need without disrupting the pile and I can return them without my OCD kicking into overdrive. I like that.

It comes in a neat cardboard box packaging, is made out of a sturdy and robust plastic and it has small rubber feet underneath to hold it in place. The stations are evenly spaced out, but also even in size; so if you’re wanting a snug fit for all your devices it probably isn't going to happen but it does accommodate each device I have used which is a positive.

Overall, 4 stars is quite accurate due to the ‘is it a charging dock or isn't it’ conundrum but as someone who has multiple devices on his desk most times, I like the easy management is supports. The price point is very reasonable as well.

Rob 09/13/2015

4-port device holder.

This just basically a holder for up to 4 devices while they are charging, or you want to watch a video. Not to take anything away from it though, as it is very well designed.

For a start, each section is lined with rubber to prevent any damage to your device. also it is quite heavy so very stable on your desktop.

Combine it with a 4-port charger device at the back of it, and you have a very posh 'charging station' which will wow your friends and make you really popular (maybe).

Great product, recommended.

Thanks for listening.

DJTech 09/13/2015

Great Organizer

This really is a nice stand for your devices. It suits up to 4 devices.
The stand looks rugged, made from quality plastic. The holders has black inlay made from rubber which won't damage your phone or a tablet. It perfectly fits my Samsung Galaxy S6 and ipad mini retina. The width of the space (where you put your smartphone) is just under 1.5cm.
It stays firmly on the desk.
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to manage their work space better.
Would recommend to a friend? YES

The product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for unbiased review.

samuelson 09/08/2015

Space Saving Marvel!

I love this little desktop beauty!

It is such a simple idea, but really works and after having it on your desk for a short while you will wonder how you coped without it.
If like me, you have a plethora of mobile devices all spread out over your desktop.
The EasyAcc Universal Multi Devices Organizer Stand is just what you have been waiting for.
Now you can organize all your devices easily and securely, and you will be able to see your desk again!

The stand is made from a nice matte black quality plastic, so no finger prints here, which is a nice touch.
In side of all the 4 device holders is a rubber lining, to keep your phone or tablets held securely and scratch free.
On the base of the unit is 2 full width rubber strips, to keep the EasyAcc Universal Multi Devices Organizer Stand firmly on your desk with no sliding around.
On the front is some nice subtle EasyAcc branding.
The device looks nice and professional and stealth like and will look great on any desk.

I tested the EasyAcc Universal Multi Devices Organizer Stand, with My Galaxy Note 4, Nvidia Shield Tablet and in iPhone 6 and all fitted perfectly.
My Note 4 even had a thin case on and still fit great.
I paired mine with a EasyAcc® 50W 5V 10A 6-Port USB Desktop Charger Portable Travel Charger Wall Charger.
And also some EasyAcc® Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cables.
Which is the perfect combination.

Devices can be inserted in portrait or landscape.
I personally prefer landscape, but that is just Me.

Size wise it is about the same size as a medium bar of chocolate and when you think of all the devices it can hold, that really is some marvel.

I can see no negatives to this product, it offers great device management for an even better price.

Great job EasyAcc.
10 out of 10.

Phi Kieu 09/07/2015

One of the best and durable stands!!!!!!!!!!!

Great and sturdy stand and feels durable. you might think it looks cheap from the picures and price but its whey better than it actually shows. it has rubber feet which keeps the stand still which is one of the nice features.able to hold my s5 in portrait with no difficulty and does not fall. it was able to hold my ipad and is really useful if I want to sync items to my devices while it hold my device. it will be a very nice feature if you have mobile phones lying around on your desk and you can put them on here while it makes your desk look posh and very stylish. great buy for £9.99 and is a bang for the buck. Great premium stand if you are looking to put your devices somewhere neat and tidy but epecially for a low price, this would be a great buy

Umar Adia 09/05/2015


I am really happy with my purchase. This stand holds all 4 of my devices perfectly and also makes it looks neat. this stand is brilliant on my desk.

TopTechNews & Reviews UK 09/02/2015

most useful stand i have ever used!

I was sent this product to test and give my honest opinion.
----A little about the Product----
This is a very useful little item that I use every day; it sits on my desk with my tablet and phone in so they are not lying in the way when I’m working. In my opinion this product is a super high quality device that is prices very well; I would highly recommend this to people who have their devices lying about in the way as this will ensure they are safe and out of the way.
----Appearance of the Product---
The product is very smart with a matte black finish; there is rubber inside the slots for your devices to ensure it cannot slip. The holder is suitable for up to 4 devices, that’s plenty for most everyday users!
----What’s in the box?----
1 x EasyAcc Stand for Tablet, eBook Reader and Smartphone

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will try to answer them as soon as possible!

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[4 in 1] EasyAcc_ Portable Mobile 150Mpbs 3G Router Wi-Fi Repeater

[4 in 1] EasyAcc_ Portable Mobile 150Mpbs 3G Router Wi-Fi Repeater

[4 in 1] EasyAcc_ Portable Mobile 150Mpbs 3G Router Wi-Fi Repeater Wireless Access Point 5200mAh External Battery Pack - Converts 3G into Wi-Fi, White

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